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Autobase car washing system AUTOBASE- AB-90

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Thanks for your continued support Autobase! We will provide you with better service!

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Autobase manufacturing automatic washing machine is used 3M car care chain, we have been very grateful!

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Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in China using automatic washing equipment Autobase is the most effective support of our work!

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Mobil car care since 2006 has been used Autobase car wash works well, we will provide the best service support!

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Provide professional services the Autobase automatic car washing machine for the BMW global.

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The Autobase automatic car wash equipment Benz 300 service organizations in China, to provide quality services to our sense of autobase wash systems

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Autobase car washing system AUTOBASE- AB-90

Cina Autobase car washing system AUTOBASE- AB-90 pemasok

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Detail produk:

Place of Origin: BEIJING
: CE, ISO 9001
Model Number: AB-90

Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:

Minimum Order Quantity: One Set
Packaging Details: Wooden Package
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 300 sets a year
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Detil Deskripsi produk

Autobase car washing system AUTOBASE- AB-90Autobase wash systems has 15 years experience in car wash manufacturing area. The design and R & D team are built of Chinese and German engineers. The patented technology and trade mark is under international protection

The stable quality assurance of the products makes autobase enjoy good reputation all over the world. There are Huge consumer groups in more than 60 countries.. In 2009, Autobase is honored as the fastest growing and most competitive brand of car washing machine by the international car wash association.

There are two brands of Autobase. One is AUTOBAE (High end brand) , another is TEPO-AUTO. (middle end brand)

There are 26 branches all over the world responsible for the sell and after sell services for autobase products.

AUTOBASE wash systems include Car washing machine , bus washing machine, truck washing machines, garbage trucks washing machines, train washing machine, subway washing machines and other military vehicles .washing machines.. TEPO-AUTO car washing machine of Autobase has entered into the top three ranks of global sales, it is well received and supported by the global clients.

Autobase car washing system AUTOBASE- AB-90

AUTOBASE Autobase car washing system has created a completely new function combination mode, which can meet the need of the professional carwash station which has a great demand on throughput. It can realize continuous washing and the equipment operation without pause which improves the global high-end automatic washing machine field to a new competition pattern. With AUTOBASE tunnel car washer’s new innovation mode, the use and operation become more simple and maintenance costs less. Its effective cleaning scope can reach 18 to 30 meters.

Autobase car washing system AUTOBASE- AB-90

Product features:
The arrangement of the equipment can be changed, if necessary, can be customized according to the customer’s actual requirements.
The operating system can be operated in two languages: Chinese ,English
Three color wax spraying makes cleaning effect more perfect

Autobase car washing system  is equipped with high pressure water spray systems
The car wash brush device can achieve wrap-cleaning
It is equipped with drive delivery device which is enhanced with double chain can meet all needs.
The impeccable operating system can realize the display function of all operation and fault reminding.
Autobase car washing system  independent intellectual property rights of computer control system can achieve a single point of control mode
The machine control system can realize the security and protection.
The power supply can meet the requirement of 220v/3 and 380v/3
The cleaning speed can be adjusted from 1 to 10 grades.

Electricity: 220v/3  ---- 60HZ-  380v/3 ---50HZ
Power: 30KW
Dimensions: L: 18000mm W: 4000mm H: 3000mm
Noise: 60 decibel
Wash speed: 60-80pieces/hour
Water consumption: 230L/Piece
Air drying rate: 95% 


 Product advantage:
1. The main structure framework is made of 3mm thickness reinforced steel and its anti-corrosion can reach IP68 protection degree. The service life of the drive system are not less than 12 years.
2. It is convenient to install and maintain
3. The accessories adopt international standard in order to you can purchase them in any country
4. Guarantee in one year
5. All the equipment are made of muting materials
6. It has more than 30 international patent technologies.
7. It costs less and is convenient to maintain
8. It works stabile and safe.
9. The brush material is made in German and its capability is more than 40.0000 cars. The systems have low noise, strong corrosion resistance and not harm the car surface.
10. It is equipped with strong air drying system
11. All connection screw adopt stainless material
12. Autobase has 15 year’s experience in carwash industry
13. All the motor and sensor adopts Sina-German joint venture Corporation
14. The accessories are available in any time
15. The top brush adopt Autobase electrical control technology and it has high stability and sensitivity advantages.
16. Its minimum power is up to 30kw which is the most minimum in the world
17. The machine color and brush color can be changed subject to customer’s preference.
18. Its computer system can be connected with dealer’s office computer.

Function introduction:

Computer control systems
AUTOBASE tunnel car wash computer control systems is PLC control systems that each function is controlled by a separate contact. This systems has high work stability, high accuracy, safe and noiseless etc advantages.

Pneumatic control system
AUTOBASE tunnel car wash equipment pneumatic control system uses Autobase patented technology, with a clear arrangement, oil and water separation, pressure regulator, system testing, and other fully automated features, It has advantages such work stability, easy maintenance etc Pneumatic control system is placed at the sealed box in the tunnel car wash.

Conveyo systems
AUTOBASE tunnel washing machine conveyor system is patented product which Autobase company specializing in, the whole system has smooth running, strong and practical advantages.

Air drying systems
Autobase air drying systems is made by five fixed dryer which mounted on the free standing arch , you can add or reduce the dryer according to your practical condition. This kind of structure makes the maintenance and operation more simple and flexible. Tuyere device is designed and manufactured by Autobase independently , which has the largest wind speed, strong air pressure and other characteristics, and keeping no resonance when working. The working noise of the whole systems is less than 60db. In the global car wash industry. The dryer has the minimum power but the best drying effect.

Horizontal type wheel cleaning systems

AUTOBASE Tunnel car washing machine is made by taking the AUTOBASE new technology design, it clean the outer surface of the tire professionally,cleaning with excellent results and strong job stability, etc.

Three colour wax spraying system
This system is made by AUTOBASE professional design, it has spray evenly and working stability advantages etc.

Swinging high pressure wather spraying systems
AUTOBASE tunnel system high pressure water spraying systems adopt linear spray, effectively ensuring a balanced pressure and wide area.The whole systems has advantages such as working stability , high practical , and noiseless when working etc.

Wheel waxing systems
AUTOBASE Tunnel car washing is designed and manufactured by Autobase 1.proprietary technology, it has work stability and good waxing effective advantages.

Swinging type wrapping systems
AUTOBASE tunnel system high pressure water spraying systems adopt linear spray, effectively ensuring a balanced pressure and wide area. The whole systems has advantages such as working stability , high practical , and noiseless when working etc.

Its superior performance bases on high technology and the perfect cooperation of each part system. The new generation Autobase tunnel car wash can be manufactured according to the actual needs of different customers. Its length can reach from 7 to 60 meters. Those functions can meet the requirements of different circumstances and dealer’s preference. The new tunnel car washer equipped with the follow optional items:

Hydraulic conveying system (The wheel distance can be adjusted according to the vehicle’s wheelbase.)

The swing arm top brush system
The bottom brush system
The high pressure spray device system ( it can achieve wrap-cleaning)
The vehicle chassis cleaning system
The wax and detergent spraying system
Three color wax spraying system
CTA spraying system (special for tire)
Fixed high pressure water spraying system
The tyre and hub automatic cleaning system(horizontal type)
The new surround type vertical brush cleaning system (prefix type)
The new surround type vertical brush cleaning system (postposition type)
The bumper cleaning system
The Vehicle chassis rust inhibitor system
The Swing scrub system
The big side brush cleaning system (professionally clean vehicle’s side surface)
The foam spraying system
The light wax spraying device
RO water spraying device
The hot water spraying device
The automatic tire wax system
The air drying system
The high pressure water spraying system for tyre

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